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Africa Eskrima Group

Head Instructor

Ustad Najib Felouati

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Najib Felouati is big Fan of martial arts and combatives systems, He discovered the passion since childhood. His father who is now passed away was his first instructor, teaching him some grappling and fencing concepts and principles.

Najib started training in clubs in 1987 practicing several styles and systems.

He is now certified as instructor in traditional kung-fu,  sanda, Wing-chun,  and kali sikaran.

He participated in many competitions and championships, won the national sanda championship in 1995.

When he started Puget Sound Eskrima Combat Balintawak under the guidance of Muaalim Abdul Azeem McDaniel, it was completely a new dimension of real vision that he needed to enhance his training that he was looking for.

I am so proud and feel blessed to be his student.

As a group leader my duty is to share the most I can that wisdom with the most dedicated and interested people.

My advice: the best way to become better is to be always a student.

Keep calm and train (PSEC).

Assistant Instructor

Zouheir Rafik

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