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Head Instructor

Mu'allim Azeem McDaniel

Mu'allim  Azeem Eric McDaniel has great passion, love, and respect for Eastern and Western forms of Martial Arts. He has a combined 30 years of experience in combat fighting. Starting in his journey, as a youth in Western Boxing. He has competed in several tournaments and won many championships across the country . 

At early adulthood, Mu'allim Azeem wanted to expand his knowledge by learning Chinese Kung Fu. He studied the Southern style of Choy Lay Fut under Grandmaster Mak Han Fai. While reaching Instructor level (Sifu) in this discipline, he taught for several years in various Seattle areas. Still driven by the passion of learning other combat systems. His journey lead him to the Filipino form of stick fighting Balintawak Eskrima,studying under the Velez line  with vigorous 1-1 training sessions, Mu'allim Azeem reached Full Qualified Instructor (Level 7 Guro).  Mu'allim Azeem is a three time USA Martial  Arts Hall of Famer and also a 2019 Philippine Martial Arts hall of fame inductee .Services as a Network Engineer and does community outreach for adults wanting to change their lives for the better through Martial Arts


Certified Instructor
Mario Saucedo

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 6.59.00 PM.png

Mario Rodrigo Saucedo is a martial artist that’s always hungry for knowledge and improvement. At 15 he started his martial arts training in sin moo Hapkido, a system from Korea and later found Filipino martial arts and began studying Balintawak Eskrima under Guro Azeem. Mario currently trains in both systems to further his development and eventually make the two arts into his own while always looking to expand his view and deepen his combative knowledge.

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